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3398Factually Yes, Legally NO!
Book on Lawful Humour. This book is not just another joke book on lawyers to elicit laughter from its readers. Its contents, though hilarious they have been made out to be, seek to revive the deadened conscience of lawyers who would resort to do anything under the sun to secure legal victories for their clients and/or for their personal gains. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine. Perhaps, within this book lies the antidote for some, if not most lawyers.
4060Bright & Shiny
was made for men and women as a multipurpose, facial cleanser/toner/conditioner/make-up remover that is great for all skin types. Use to help you with issues such as Razor bumps, oily skin, acne, large pores, and with various other common skin problems. You get two 8 oz. Bottles for the price of one - Only $25. Free diamond earrings to the purchaser of every 3,000th bottle made. A portion of the proceeds goes to American Red Cross.
2295How to Write Winng Grant Proposals
Use "How to Write Winning Grant Proposals" to: * Learn quickly how to write donor-friendly proposals. * Train someone on your staff to write your organization`s proposals. * Improve the grants you usually write; a must in today`s competitive donor environment. * Choose how to select the right donors for your organization."How to Write Winning Grant Proposals"gives you the help you need the way you need it.It will show you: * How to write grants from start to finish that are easy; even for someone who has never written a grant before. * How to find foundations and donors. * How to understand what donors are looking for. * How to write and format grants just the way donors like to see them. * How to prepare a budget; samples are included to help you get started.Affiliates earn 51%! Do some keyword research and see how much demand there is for this kind of quality product!
Charity Pays...In more ways than one...Help support a worthy cause, and at the same time earn a substantial residual income.Every month, 60% of the $10 monthly pledge is given to affiliates to reward their hard work.All of the remaining 40% is given to Compassion International and Abundant Grace Ministry to help support underprivileged children around the world.Currently, this is the only program that allows you to earn a monthly income, while helping to promote a charitable cause.For more information, please visit:

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